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Al Jazeera о "Свободном театре". Смотрите сегодня и завтра

Free Theatre of Belarus
Thursday, August 20

Free Theatre of Belarus is one of the world's most renowned theatre troupes. Yet they have no home, no reviews in their newspapers, and even the identity of their audience is hidden from the authorities.

They live under one of Europe's last dictators - Alexander Lukashenko. Critics of the regime do not just lose their jobs, they can lose their lives, and Free Theatre, performing secretly in private houses, is one of the regime's most vociferous critics.

Each performance by Free Theatre could be their last. Perhaps it is because of this that their intensity and imagination are a far cry from the cosy world of Broadway or the West End.

Free Theatre of Belarus is a powerful testament to the struggle for freedom of expression and a moving story about the power of art.

Free Theatre of Belarus can be seen on Thursday, August 20 at the following times GMT:
Thursday: 08.30 and 19.00;
Friday: 03.30, 14.00 and 23.30.

Al Jazeera English is available on SKY Digital 514

Produced and Directed by Tom Dumican and Karim Shah, Executive Producer Jonathan Hacker.
An ORTV production for Al Jazeera english
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